The Clean Wave Pool Service Difference

We provide premium pool cleaning and service offerings with consistent, thorough, and informative service.

Licensed, bonded, insured, & certified for everything we do

Reliable, consistent, thorough service every week

30+ minute visits to your pool (premium package)

Informative reports after each visit to your pool


All services are billed on a base rate plus chemical usage model. Prices and chemical usage varies by location, pool size and type, equipment, and more. Click here for more information.

Chemical Service


Per month, + chemicals

Our chemical services test and adjust a variety of water chemistry levels (including salt, if applicable) to ensure your pool or spa remains clean, balanced, and comfortable at all times.

Complete water chemistry testing, balancing, reporting, and dosing

Monitoring equipment and surroundings

Regular email visit reports including your chemical readings, dosages, attention or action items needed, and more


* For information on chemicals and usage, click here

Full Service


Per month, + chemicals

Our economical pool chemical and cleaning service package. Best for those who attend to their pools regularly and have high quality pool equipment.

Full Chemical Service

Emptying all baskets and bags (filter, pump, skimmer, sweep, robot)

Skimming visible debris from pool surface

And more if time allows


* Available to customers with well equipped and qualified pools
* For information on chemicals and usage, click here

Premium Service


Per month, + chemicals

Our premium pool service package includes everything we offer at the best price available. If you want what is best for your pool and property, this option is for you.

Full Chemical Service

30+ minutes at your pool

Thoroughly brush all pool surfaces, walls, steps, shelves

Emptying all baskets and bags (filter, pump, skimmer, sweep, robot)

Skimming/raking entire pool surface and floor

Vacuum pool floor and surfaces as needed

Pool cover removal and re-covering (if desired)

Filter cleaning every 6 months (2x annually), additional filter cleanings as needed

* For information on chemicals and usage, click here

Commercial Pool Service

Premium commercial pool cleaning service and maintenance to keep your facility running year round.

Whether you have an apartment complex, hotel, gym, country club, HOA, or other commercial facility, we’re committed to providing an enjoyable, healthy, clean pool for your clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.